S’acosta el dia. Quins nervis! Aquest dissabte es presenten al First Certificate un bon grapat dels nostres alumnes al First for Schools en ordinador (Computer-based). Us deixem un enllaç per acabar de familiaritzar-vos amb el format ordinador. Good luck!


If some years ago, somebody had told me that I would be working in the centre of Catalonia I would have taken it as a joke… yet, here I am. From Cracow directly to Santpedor (thank God for the Google maps).

It all happened 8 years ago and since day one of my new life here, I’ve known I found my place in the world.

When I’m not in the classroom, I can be found hiking in the mountains with my family or discovering some lovely Catalan towns, it’s said there are about 1000 of them, so I still have some left to visit.

One more interesting fact about me, though some of my colleagues don’t believe me, I’m into martial arts and in my previous Polish life;) I spent more than a half of my lifetime at a dojo.Gabriela blog

Marc Torrallardona

Since I went to England for my first time, when I was a pre-teen, as a home stay student I got hooked on the challenge of learning a foreign language. Later on, at university I had the chance to hang around with a bunch of American students who got me into enjoying the magical power of words.

Since I’ve been working for Babel for nearly as long as I can remember, this school and team have become pretty much part of my life. Therefore, at the same time, I’m proud to believe I’m also a tiny little chunk of its success and reputation.


I enclose a couple of. photos of one of my favourite leisure activities, sport climbing. What I like most about this activity is the sense of freedom it provides. Fighting against gravity requires considerable strenuous exertion and overcomig the fear of heights adds adrenaline to the challenge.

In language learning, as in climbing, facing a challenge that suits your ability may be key to success.


DSC_0122 DSC_0123




Gran èxit de Babel Island, la gimcana pirata que les nostres professores Marina i Gabriela van preparar al Parc de l’Agulla pels alumnes de Kids fins a Starter com a activitat commemorativa dels 30 anys de Babel.

A l’arribada es va entregar a cada participant una  samarreta Babel Island i  es van repartir en 4 equips segons el color del mocador pirata. Després d’uns escalfaments, van començar les proves: memory per practicar vocabulari relacionat amb els pirates, fer paraules utilitzant el cos, fer paraules utilitzant les lletres que prèviament havien agafat d’un bol amb farina i cursa per aconseguir paraules i fer la frase més llarga possible. Després de berenar, ball amb coreografia especialment dissenyada per a l’ocasió  i repartiment de premis a l’equip groc així com diplomes a tots els participants. Felicitats a tots els participants per l’entusiasme!


  • Dancing
  • Crocodile
  • Memory game
    Memory game
  • Longest sentence ?
    Longest sentence ?
  • I got a letter!
    I got a letter!
  • Green team
    Green team
  • Blue team
    Blue team
  • Yellow team
    Yellow team
  • Red team
    Red team


Oral exams

Ahir vam començar amb els exàmens orals i realment hem de felicitar els nostres alumnes. Es nota que s’han preparat molt bé.